AROUND THE globe ON world produce DAY

Last weekend was fantastic for science as well as technology. While countless people took to the streets to demonstration anti-intellectualism, a few members of the Hackaday neighborhood dug their heels in, turned on the soldering iron, as well as really did something about it. This was world produce Day, a neighborhood effort to find together as well as develop something that matters. What did these people build? So much incredible stuff.

The Nest I/O in Karachi, Pakistan

The people at The Nest I/O hackerspace in Karachi, Pakistan had a rather big meetup for world produce Day featuring the finest in laser cut, googly-eyed combating robots. [Nasir Aziz] held a meetup at his preferred hackerspace for people to get together, discuss, as well as develop something for the Hackaday Prize.

The highlight of the meetup was a discussion from EjaadTech, an industrial style firm that graduated from The Nest I/O accelerator. among the jobs created during world produce Day were a ‘shopping helper drone’ as well as miniature combating robots. helpful jobs on one hand, incredible jobs on the other, just like we like it.

MakerBay in Hong Kong

A solar oven discovered at MakerBay
MakerBay is a hackerspace found smack in the middle of Hong Kong. like many hackerspaces, discovering a location was a problem, however the people at MakerBay discovered something spectacular. They’re zoned industrial, as well as only a five-minute walk from a train station.

There are rather a few jobs sitting around MakerBay including a solar oven that would be quite harmful if it were outdoors on a sunny day. likewise on deck are prototypes of little sailing vessels with a versatile hull developed to track as well as include oil spills.  Highlights of world produce Day include upcycled wood building as well as a spontaneous piano interlude. I’m amazed I haven’t seen much more hackerspaces with a piano; they’re efficiently totally free if you have a truck as well as a location to store it.

BlenderLab in Lille

While the world produce Day event at the BlenderLab hackerspace in Lille, France didn’t set out to modification the world with a project, they did handle to find up with a truly neat digital hourglass. The body of this hourglass is constructed out of laser cut plywood, with the screen constructed out of two LED matrices oriented at a 45-degree angle.

Hackaday NYC

[Zach Freedman] exposes his devious plotWhile world produce Day is a difficulty for hackerspaces around the globe to find together as well as produce something that solves a problem, that doesn’t imply there aren’t somewhat much more official events around the globe. Hackaday set up our own events in new York City, LA, as well as San Francisco.  The new York event was fantastic thanks to our beautiful east coastline neighborhood manager [Shayna] as well as our holds at Fat feline fabulous Lab.

[Zach Freedman], one of the regulars at our nyc meetups has an ulterior motive for getting the Fat feline fabulous lab members to contribute their concepts to the Hackaday Prize: winning the Hackaday prize would result in donating the winnings to the fabulous Lab. It’s a fantastic as well as devious plot we extremely much recommend.

Tell us about your world produce Day

There were numerous much more events going on around the globe last weekend, as well as we want to hear about how your world produce Day went. We’ll be covering much more of the events of last weekend in the coming days, so make sure to add your pictures, stories, as well as links to the jobs you started on your world produce Day event page on event organizers are going to get some very incredible swag for making that effort.

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